$50 Virtual MasterCard

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50 USD Pre-loaded AVS Virtual VISA Card

AVS VCC is a Virtual Visa Card that registered to any name and address you want by yourself , some merchant checking in whos name registered on the card. so this is fit for your verification.

you will receive the Redeem Code

Card Management and see transaction Yourself

Balance Check / Card Management


1. Card balance validity 30 days. Please use the balance within the 30 days. 2. I will not use the card on Betting or Adult sites. 3. I will not misuse the Card.


$50 Virtual VISA Card [AVS]

What is AVS card?
The Address Verification Service (AVS) is a fraud prevention system that, when used effectively, can help to limit fraud and chargebacks. AVS works to verify that the address entered by the customer is associated with the cardholder’s credit card account.

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